Brisbane property expert Ayda Shabanz runs you through her top five tips and tricks to stay warm and save money during the forthcoming winter season.

So it's coming into that time of the year again. Autumn is well and truly upon us, and there is a lovely brisk coolness in the air. Winter is coming!

Because our beautiful country is generally quite hot, a lot of housing - especially older designs - are built to stay cool, not to retain heat.

Here are some top tips and tricks to stay warm while saving a bit of money this winter!

Rug up before you turn on your heating

This is probably the most obvious point I could make. If you are wearing a jumper, warm pants, socks and a beanie, and you have a big warm blanket over you, and a nice hot cup of tea curled up on the couch, you are pretty likely to be quite warm! If you are sitting there in your summer PJs wondering why it's so cold and having the urge to put the heating on because of it, well, I think you need to dress for the season.

Don't touch that heating unless it is absolutely so unbearably cold that extra clothes and blankets can't help you. I mean it!

Figure out where that cold air is coming from

This is especially apparent in older houses which tend to be a bit more drafty to increase airflow during our much hotter summer months. Work out where the cold air is coming from - is it through the floorboards? Cracks in the window sill? Under the door?

Pop down a nice rug on the floor to help keep heat in, roll up some old towels or get a draft block strip for under the door ways, and do the same for your windows. Seal all of that lovely warmth into your home. That way, even if you do need to use your heater, you can put it on for a short amount of time, turn it off, and the heat will stay inside for longer.

Let in the sun during the day

If you keep your blinds closed all day during winter, you are going to walk into a cold house. When you get up in the morning, make the extra effort to go around and open up all of your curtains and blinds to let the sun in. This will help to naturally warm up your apartment.

Close all of your blinds and curtains at night. All of them.

After letting the sun in through the day, be sure to close all of the blinds and curtains in your home to help hold all of that lovely heat in.

Make the effort to cook more hearty meals

That's right. Time to make yourself some roast pork and veggies! Or, something similar. When you have your oven on, it heats up the space around it. You may as well heat up your place and get a great tasting meal out of it as well! Killing two birds with one stone, and still not touching your heater!

Ayda Shabanzadeh

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