Why Are Interstate Buyers Eyeing Off Brisbane Property?

As the price of property in Sydney and Melbourne continues to rise in price, savvy investors from these cities are making inroads into the Brisbane market.

Beautiful one day and perfect the next, Brisbane has emerged as a leading location for investors looking for affordable property close to the CBD.

Co-Founder and Director of Grow Property Group, Ayda Shabanz, said there were several reasons why Brisbane was attracting interstate investment.

“The climate is wonderful and there’s a tremendous focus on living an active outdoor lifestyle in Brisbane so this has resulted in many people wanting real estate up north,” she said.

“The defining factor is that property in Brisbane is generally cheaper and providing higher yields than other capital cities across Australia, which means there’s still bang for buck.”

One popular strategy being utilised by first-home buyers based outside of Brisbane is to buy an inner-city property as an investment in Queensland’s capital and hold onto it long-term.

“When interstate buyers do this they have an option to use equity in their Brisbane property down the track to help them buy a home where they want to live,” she said.

For these reasons Ayda Shabanz said that she anticipated more interstate buyers would look towards investing in Brisbane over forthcoming years.

“There have been major infrastructure advancements in Brisbane and when you couple that with really high yields in property it will continue to be an attractive proposition,” she said.

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