Southern Property Investors Encouraged To Buy Elsewhere

An Australian property expert has urged investors from Sydney and Melbourne to look towards buying property outside of their residential city in the current market.

Simon Pressley, head of property market research at Propertyology, said savvy buyers from Sydney and Melbourne shouldn’t be afraid of investing interstate.

“There’s been speculation and debate about peaks and bubbles but it’s generally accepted that the boom in Sydney and Melbourne is over,” he told Your Property Investment Magazine.

“Look seriously at investing in other locations – it’s really a case of diversify or die wondering.”

With property prices in Sydney and Melbourne widely regarded as expensive, Mr. Pressley stressed that wasn’t the case nationwide.

Recent statistics showed that property in cities such as Brisbane and Hobart, where prices are more affordable, are continuing to experience solid growth.

“The greatest danger in the cooling of Sydney and Melbourne markets is that investors assume that our whole nation is off the boil,” he said.

“Outside of Sydney and Melbourne, growth cycles lie ahead. You can buy investment property with better growth potential and higher rental yields.”

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Sydneysiders Eye Brisbane For Property Investment

A renowned Australian property expert has predicted that Brisbane will soon emerge as the best performing capital city for housing in the country.

CoreLogic’s Tim Lawless said that a key factor behind his property forecast was the fact that people are migrating to Brisbane more than anywhere else Down Under.

“Higher migration rates implies more demand for housing, which should help to support an improvement in capital gains,” he told The Courier-Mail.

Mr. Lawless said the timeframe in which Brisbane would become the nation’s leading property market was within the next five years.

He also stated that factors such as enhanced affordability and increasing job prospects in the Sunshine State would help to propel Brisbane’s property market.

“Jobs are an essential component of a healthy housing market and a strong labour force has been a key missing ingredient from the Brisbane housing market up until recently,” he said.

“The improved jobs sector, together with high rates of migration and an affordable mix of housing is a solid recipe for stronger housing market conditions.”

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