Where In Australia Should You Buy Property According To Data?

Australian property experts have tipped Brisbane to be the country’s only prosperous market over the next 12 months.

Renowned property market analysers CoreLogic released data in early April that showed property prices in Sydney and Melbourne were down by 1.9% and 0.5% respectively.

Contrastingly, Brisbane’s market is surging with the same report revealing that property in Queensland’s capital has risen 1.1% in value over the past 12 months.

Speaking exclusively to News Corp Australia, AMP Capital Chief Economist Dr. Shane Oliver said property prices outside of Brisbane would fall further in years to come.

“Home prices in Perth and Darwin are either at or close to the bottom [and] price growth is likely to be moderate in Adelaide and Canberra,” he said.

“But it may pick up a bit in Brisbane thanks to stronger population growth.”

Dr. Oliver also said that claims that Australia was on the verge of a housing crash that would result in property prices decreasing by up to 20% were false.

He argued that property supply in Australia had not kept up with population growth and housing demand, a factor which continued to make cities like Brisbane an attraction location.

“A crash remains unlikely,” Dr. Oliver predicted.

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First Home Buyers Rapidly Entering The Qld Property Market

Queensland’s first homebuyer numbers have surged 18.5% in comparison to last year, according to the latest PRDnationwide key market indicators report.

Dr Diaswati Mardiasmo, PRDnationwide’s National Research Manager, said 6271 loans were given to first home buyers in Queensland during the September quarter.

“18.5 per cent is quite significant (growth),” she said. “It is not the highest percentage growth across the states but for Queensland it is quite good.”

Whilst Queensland’s property market has become more affordable in the past year, Dr Mardiasmo said other factors were also attracting more first home buyers.

One of which was developers offering incentives which make entering the property market a more enticing proposition.

“I have seen developers where they will match the first home buyers grant accordingly,” Dr Mardiasmo told The Courier-Mail.

“Developers themselves are attracting first homebuyer loans using these methods and because of that it is stimulating first home buyers to actually get into the market.”

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Brisbane’s Property Prices Expected To Experience Huge Growth

Property prices in Brisbane are expected to rise by up to 20 percent in coming years as buyers from Sydney and Melbourne enter the local market, a prominent real estate figure said.

Speaking to The Courier Mail, John McGrath said Brisbane’s just over halfway in its property cycle meaning local investors stand to benefit from the slowdown affecting southern states.

“There have been huge capital gains in Sydney and Melbourne and not only has it made it unaffordable, it’s certainly made people look for better value elsewhere in Australia,” he said.

Research stated that Brisbane’s average property price was in some cases half of what Sydneysiders and Melbournians are paying, which demonstrates great affordability.

A city on the rise, world-class developments en route to Brisbane in forthcoming years include Queen’s WharfBrisbane Live and Brisbane Metro.

Mr McGrath said notable upcoming developments and the fact southerners were being priced out of their local markets would be driving forces behind Brisbane’s predicted growth.

“There’s no doubt in my mind there will continue to be growth in south-east Queensland,” he said.

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